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KEYMACRO is a unique keylogger which allows you to record all the keyboard keys being pressed as well as to specify the time interval at which to record. KEYMACRO can be used for:
– Prevention of keylogging or stealing of sensitive information
– Audit log to show management and legal departments when users do not comply with security policies
– Simple monitoring to prevent employees from deleting or modifying files during working hours
KEYMACRO has been developed by the programmer (with support from Emsisoft Software) to be the best application for this job.
With more than 3000 premium users in more than 20 countries, KEYMACRO comes with all the features listed below:
– No more having to disable your anti-malware program when recording (useful when combined with our Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 to defend your PC from malicious code)
– Easy configuration to record the keystrokes during a specific time
– The user’s personal data (keystrokes) are encoded in a very unique way in a file so no one else’s can be used by another application without the original user having to release the encoded data
– AES encryption engine to ensure the data is safely stored for you
– Standard GUI for easy configuration (it can be saved as a config file or you can manually edit it)
– Easy to use, no more running two or more applications (this is where the use of our Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 is useful)
– Encrypted file format (.HEX) so that KEYMACRO can not be cracked using a standard decryption program
– Professional printing of the keylogger report (with a convenient easy-to-use GUI)
– Multiple languages support
– Support for Mac OS X and Linux
– Ability to integrate into web browsers
– Support for multiple interface, including Java and VB
– Support for multiple languages
– New language support for KURDISH (More languages coming soon)
– Record keystrokes in 16 languages
– Reports keystrokes in 8 languages (For the English language you need to download the add-on for Microsoft Office)
– Running keylogger in a very hidden window
– Full mouse support
– Support for Clipboard history
– Support for Clipboard repair
– Portable mode for easy transfer to other computers
– Support for Multiple languages including Spanish and German
– Support for multiple protocols: SMB, RDP, HTTP, SFTP, VNC, XMP 84e02134c1

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Download Leecher allows the user to quickly and easily share files and
URLs that are protected with a key. Download Leecher is an easy to use
software program for posting temporary URLs online.

1. Install program. Run it.
2. In the installer window choose the location on your disk where you
wish to store the registration modules.
3. Press Install Button. After finishing the installation press Finish
4. In the Setup Wizard window press Next.
5. Choose install option and press Next.
6. Select the languages you want to support, press Next.
7. Press Finish button.
8. Press Finish button.
That’s it.
Please make sure to check the program compatibility prior to
downloading the program:

It is very important to open the License Agreement and the
T&C Disclaimer.
The administrator of this site may at any time, make changes to the
registered version and the released version of the application.
It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of use
before downloading and using this software product.
It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of use
before downloading and using this software product.


Download Leecher 1.1.1



Download Leecher 1.1.1 is freeware. You can’t buy it.
If you find any bugs in the program, feel free to help us to fix them.
If you want to thank the author of this software, you can send him a gift.

How to Remove Download Leecher 1.1.1

Just double-click Download Leecher.exe icon.
Remove Download Leecher 1.1.1 when prompted.

Download Leecher 1.1.1 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to uninstall Download Leecher 1.1.1 from your PC

Uninstall Download Leecher using the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Download Leecher 1.1.1 – Copyright Notice

Download Leecher is published to promote a free software which is still not registered in the system. The software “Download Leecher 1.1.

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