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Monitor system metrics from each of the categories.
For example, you can see CPU usage or CPU temperature.
[ ] CPU activity: CPU usage
[ ] CPU temperature: CPU temperature
[ ] Network traffic: Network traffic
[ ] Memory usage: RAM usage
[ ] Water level: Water level
[ ] Water color: Water color
[ ] Swapped: Swapped
Rubber Ducky System Monitor can be used in two ways.
On Mac OS X you can see system status and review it in the dock, or you can monitor system status at the command line with the command rubberducky.
To monitor system status at the command line, you need to install rubberducky and create a shortcut or alias in your shell configuration file to trigger the rubberducky monitoring process.
The Rubber Ducky System Monitor works in conjunction with the macOS Activity Monitor application.
The Activity Monitor application is also very useful.
For instance, you can see everything that’s running on your Mac at any given time.
Rubber Ducky System Monitor is able to monitor several metrics from each of the categories.
You can monitor CPU activity, CPU temperature, RAM usage, disk activity, SWAP file usage, and network traffic.
You can monitor them separately or set their aggregate metrics.
For example, you can monitor CPU activity but only want to monitor CPU temperature.
The Rubber Ducky System Monitor allows you to monitor the system status directly from the system tray.
It’s very handy to get information at a glance.
Monitoring individual metrics isn’t always the best way to monitor your entire system.
Some systems work slower at one time than others.
For example, there might be more activity or intense activity at a given moment.
But monitoring aggregated metrics can provide useful information at a glance.
For example, there might be lower system activity, but you might have a higher disk activity.
The way that it works is that rubberducky periodically checks the system for the metrics that it has been configured to monitor.
It then takes the aggregated metrics and displays them in the system tray.
It can also display how CPU usage compares to CPU temperature.
It also includes a battery indicator to show when the battery is about to run out.
A simple message is displayed on the system tray when the battery is running low.
For example, it shows something like “Battery needs to be recharged soon”.
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KEYMACRO help you to protect and set records on your mobile phone, PDA or Pocket PC. Keymacro is an extremely powerful tool to protect your contacts from being erased from your mobile phone or memory card. Also Keymacro allows you to record your calls.
Keymacro is a universal program that works on all Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile and Pocket PC OS) and Mobile phones (Windows Mobile and Symbian). The software works seamlessly with all operating systems (Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, Symbian, Windows CE).
Keymacro allows you to protect your contacts and SMS messages to protect your privacy.
Keymacro is designed to be a database of all SMS, MMS, and phone contacts. All contact information stored in the database is encrypted and is password protected.
Keymacro enables you to protect your personal information from eavesdropping. The encryption of data makes Keymacro ideal for encrypting your files and folders.
keymacro is also an SMS recorder. It records all incoming and outgoing messages from your mobile phone or PDA.
* Encrypt your contacts, SMS and MMS
* Encrypt your contacts, SMS and MMS using your own encryption key
* Record all incoming and outgoing SMS to a file
* Copy/Cut/Paste of messages
* SMS Display
* SMS Forwarding
* SMS search
* Bookmarks
* Call recording
* Access key to search SMS (also with the standard keyboard)
* Save settings to an XML file
You can encrypt your contacts, SMS and MMS in two ways:
* Using your own encryption key
* Using the algorythms of Microsoft Windows Mobile
You can define your own encryption key. You will not be required to input a long, hard to remember password and the data is encrypted using a 128 bit AES-256 algorithm.
You can record all incoming and outgoing SMS and the contact information for all SMS.
With this tool you can copy/cut/paste all messages.
You can protect your contacts and SMS messages.
With the Standard Mode you will be prompted for a password after encrypting your data. With this you can encrypt your contacts, SMS and MMS using the algorythmms of Microsoft Windows Mobile.
Keymacro comes with a utility that helps you to access your key from an external source (e.g. from a USB stick or another program).
Keymacro also allows you to define

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