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Keymacro is a free utility that enables users to assign hotkeys to their mouse. It saves keystrokes for the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts. It will also keep your keyboard’s system buttons accessible and will take the place of your task bar. The program is also portable, allowing you to take your settings with you from computer to computer. Keymacro can be downloaded for free.
■ The software doesn’t run automatically on start-up
■ There is no guarantee that this feature will work for all versions
VisualNow Description:
VisualNow brings the power of multimedia creation into the palm of your hand. With VisualNow’s hardware-accelerated video editing and graphic designer, you can create high-quality multimedia materials and quickly turn out professional quality images and videos.
■ VisualNow only for Windows operating system
■ VisualNow does not support Mac OS X
Portable Media Player Description:
Portable Media Player is an all-in-one media player with a simple, clean and intuitive interface. In addition to the full-featured MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, MP4, WMV, AVI and MPEG media formats playback capabilities, Portable Media Player supports a variety of rich features for viewing photos, viewing slide shows, listening to music, watching videos, listening to podcasts, recording audio and taking notes.
■ Portable Media Player only for Windows operating system
■ Portable Media Player does not support Mac OS X
GeoHotz Description:
GeoHotz is a free remote control for people who like to do the things that the more modern browsers can’t. It features browser level protection against malicious scripts, pop-ups and annoying ads. GeoHotz provides a simple, yet powerful browser, with the power of a web server in a browser, and includes many powerful remote execution functions. GeoHotz can also be used as a web proxy, a web filter and a web host.
■ GeoHotz does not support Mac OS X
■ GeoHotz is in no way affiliated with GeoHotz related products
Dillo Description:
Dillo is a free, lightweight, highly configurable WWW browser. Its small size and ultra-lightweight make it ideal for Internet on the go, or in those situations where one doesn’t want 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a technology for code encryption and decryption. The KeyMacro code is generated by the KeyMacro.NET code, which uses standard hashing algorithms to protect the secret key information. When an application is being loaded, the KeyMacro.NET code generates a new encryption key for the application based on the secret key information. When the application is unloading, the KeyMacro.NET code decrypts the encryption key and the developer can read the original code. It makes it difficult for malicious users to steal the developer’s source code.

The program is developed by the developer of Symantec SecureCode software, and it is only compatible with Symantec’s application development kit (SDK). Symantec SecureCode is an application encryption technology that encrypts, or encodes, the source code of an application and manages the decryption process with a symmetric key to keep the developer’s code private. The main feature of Symantec SecureCode is that it prevents malicious users from reading a developer’s source code.


The program encrypts an application so that the source code cannot be stolen. The developer or user of the encrypted application can access the source code by using a simple decryption algorithm to unlock the code. The program is designed to work with any Windows development platform, such as Visual Studio, and any language, such as C, C++, and.NET. When the application is loaded, it uses an encryption key that is generated from a secret key. This secret key is a random string of characters that is stored in the application’s executable file. The program does not store the secret key, but it generates and regenerates the encryption key from it. The developer can view the application’s original code by using a decryption algorithm that is linked to the secret key.

The program will make the developer’s code hard to read if the application is being deployed and loaded in a different server or in an entirely different computer system. The developer can create an encrypted copy of the original code, which is saved in the encrypted file format.
The developer can also remove the encrypted code from the application source and use it on any Windows-based system.
The developer can use the encrypted version of the source code on any non-Windows based system, such as a UNIX-based server, an IBM mainframe, or other proprietary systems.

The program uses a self-contained encryption key and the developer mustаёаё‡аёаёјаё±аёѓаёа№ња№ђаёєа/

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