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The KEYMACRO tool is able to reduce malware infections from the Internet by analyzing Internet pages for key words and writing them to a file.

KEYMACRO is an Internet scan and clean program that scans websites for information and offers suggestions and solutions for key words that might not look familiar to the user. KEYMACRO can automatically scan for over 10,000 terms and find potentially dangerous ones.


Using KEYMACRO for the first time is easy. Just enter the URL and click the ‘Scan’ button. Then, the program will do its work. When the scan is finished, it will give you a list of the most dangerous key words.

KEYMACRO also comes with a powerful proxy tool that can filter out unwanted content. Using KEYMACRO’s proxy you can filter out websites containing adult content or pop-up windows.

KEYMACRO’s proxy also works as a blacklist tool. You can use this tool to block entire websites like porn sites, certain websites or any other website you don’t want to see while using the Internet.

The program comes with a tool that works as a scam detector. It will check websites for scams and if any scammer tries to trick you on a website then the program will alert you.

KEYMACRO’s key word search is not only useful for people who use the Internet for business or online shopping. It can be used to find important data on your computer too. For example, if you are a programmer, then you might be interested in your passwords and other passwords. If you have an online poker site, you will definitely want to access your money from time to time.


KEYMACRO has a Network Scan and Clean tool that can scan your network and identify computers that might be infected with malware. You can scan a network using any of the following protocols: Bonjour, FTP, SMB, UPnP, IMAP, HTTP, DNS and many others.

When the scan is completed, KEYMACRO will give you the results. The results include the following categories:





There is an additional option that will keep your computer from displaying infected results in the future. You can block results of a particular URL.

KEYMACRO is easy to use. Just click on the ‘Scan’ button and the program will do its work. The scan and cleaning tool will also work on Windows 2000, XP, 84e02134c1

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1. Some useful and powerful macros including Macro-maker, Macro-Manager, and Macro-Editor, with all functions.
2. Hundreds of customizable macros to do your daily tasks.
3. All macros can be run or scheduled by a customized menu.
4. Configure your preferred macros from the menu bar.
5. You can customize your macros as you wish.
6. Add numerous graphics, images, and sounds to create stunning presentation.
7. Edit your macros to make them more efficient and easier to use.
8. Record the macros and run them anytime.
9. Interactive Menu. Customize your own menu and run the macros as you desire.
10. Self-Scheduling Mode to allow you to run macros without seeing the menu bar.
11. The macros can also run in the background.
12. It can run in multiple sessions.
13. Option to run macros automatically when Windows starts.
14. Option to run macros when any program or task is running.
15. Option to hide the menu bar when running macros.
16. Allows you to run macros at any time.
17. Save time and effort by handling most of your business tasks with our macros.
18. Basic or complete automation of any task by recording macros.
19. Can create cool menus for running the recorded macros.
20. Option to run the recorded macros automatically.
21. Option to run the macros automatically on Windows start.
22. Self-Scheduling Mode to run the macros in the background without seeing the menu bar.
23. Quick and easy record of your daily business tasks.
24. Complete control over the running and scheduling of your macros.
25. Store the macro in the database.
26. Run any macro anytime or run macros from any menu.
27. It can start the running of the macros from any menu.
28. Control macros by category, task or menu.
29. Configure your preferred macros from the menu bar.
30. Macro Recorder. Record the macros and run them when you want.
31. Configuration Files. You can make macro work in different modes.
32. Create numerous sets of macros.
33. Customize the appearance of menu bars.
34. You can move the menu bar to the desktop to hide it.
35. The following features and benefits:
a. Useful and powerful macros:
Macro-maker, Macro-Manager,

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