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The KeyMaccoder is a simple and intuitive key-mapping tool, that allows you to do quick and effective keystrokes. KeyMaccoder creates and stores a map of your keyboard, which can be saved and loaded as needed. It also provides you with the ability to run macro files with multiple arguments.
KeyMaccoder uses a simple menu driven interface for easy navigation. When the program is launched, the welcome screen offers you the possibility of creating new keymaps or editing existing ones.
Once the KeyMaccoder is launched, you can immediately start creating a new keymap by selecting it from the File menu and typing the new value for any selected key. To start editing an existing keymap, you can use the Edit menu. You can add a new key by selecting its key from the Key list and typing the new value. You can also add keys to a map by using the key list. Click the plus sign next to a selected key to add it to the map. Repeat this process to add additional keys to the map.
To edit an existing map, select it from the map list and then use the Edit menu to change any key value.
You can run a macro file by selecting it from the File menu and then selecting the file from the Load Menu. The program allows you to use arguments by selecting the filename from the Load File dialog. This means that you can use wildcards to run macros from more than one file.
The keyboard navigation is easy to use and KeyMaccoder supports all keyboard layouts.
KeyMaccoder’s features include:
* Create new and edit existing keymaps
* Run a macro file with multiple arguments
* Support many file formats
* Easy to use navigation bar
* Easy to use key map editor
* Support of all keyboard layouts
* Support of wildcards to run macros from multiple files
* Support of repeating keys
* Support of editing of individual keys
* Support of each macro file
* Support of repeat keys
* Support of changing modifier keys on the fly
* Support of loading and saving keymaps from the registry
* Support of loading and saving keymaps from EXE files
* Support of loading and saving keymaps from external files
* Support of displaying key maps in the registry
* Support of displaying key maps in the directory (hidden files)
* Support of loading and saving keymaps from external files
* Support of loading and saving keymaps from external files with wildcards
* Support of 384a16bd22

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The Personal Tunel Proxy is a great little program that can be used to tunnel HTTP requests through your normal (limited) access proxy server. The program has a nice GUI and can easily be setup in under 5 minutes to get you up and running!

The main function of the Personal Tunel Proxy is the ability to create a “tunnel” to websites that are on the “outside” through your limited proxy servers. What this means is that your access to the “outside” internet is not through your limited proxy server but through another proxy server (the tunel server). This way you are able to “tunnel” to the “outside” world through your limited proxy servers and be able to access it all at once. You are effectively being able to browse all of the internet without going through your limited proxy server.

The basic function of the Personal Tunel Proxy is that it works in a similar fashion to an SSH tunnel. When you use SSH to tunnel through your proxy server you are allowing access to different websites through your limited proxy server. However if you tunnel through the Personal Tunel Proxy then you are being allowed access to all websites through your limited proxy server. You will be able to browse the “outside” world from within your limited proxy server.

Using the Personal Tunel Proxy
The Personal Tunel Proxy supports many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OS X and *nix (not to mention lots of other OS’s too!). As long as your limited proxy server has an HTTP server then you can easily setup a tunnel to the web.

You first setup the proxy on your limited proxy server. This can be done using the Personal Tunel Proxy itself or alternatively by typing the following into a terminal window (make sure you start the server with the following terminal command):

tcpip=1 HTTP=

This will basically create a “tunel” to the web from your limited proxy server to a network location that has a HTTP server running.

You then “initiate” the Personal Tunel Proxy by using a command similar to the following (this one is for Windows). It will first ask for your username and password so if you haven’t setup a user name and password then you will need to do this first. After this you will be presented with a command line window where you can enter the command.

The next step is to start the server and your tunnel will be up and running

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